2014. október 24., péntek

SimpleTSM 102014 /Nexus 7/

Slim, stable and customizable!
Only 115 MB! 
ART kompatible!

- Cm Theme Chooser with all bug fixes
- Hover with floating window
- Peek
- Auto brightness Configuration
- Advanced Power Menu
- Battery light
- Configurable Auto rotation
- PA QS Tiles Customization
- PA Pie 2.0
- PA recents clear all Button
- PA Battery Icons (Including 'Percent only' & Hidden Battery options)
- Expandable Volume Panel
- Gapps Backup Script
- IME selector notification Enable/Disable option
- Incoming call in Background
- Incall vibration options
- Increasing ringtone
- Integrated Supersu in Settings
- Lokscreen Slider Shortcuts
- Lock screen see through
- Lock screen Blur
- Lock screen wallpaper
- Lock screen widgets
- Notification Light Customization
- Nav bar Height customiztion
- Navring shortcuts
- Notification Count
- Quick unlock
- QS swipe to switch
- Quick Settings Pull Down
- Scroll effect
- Slim Clock customization
- Smooth Progress Bars
- Statusbar Double tap to sleep
- Screenshot: Quick delete
- Status bar: Date/Time actions
- Statusbar brightness control
- Telo Rdio
- Two line layout for statusbar Date/time
- Volume wake/music control/safe headset & cursor control
- etc...


* Wipe data/factory reset
* Install zip from sdcard
* Flash Gapps
* Reboot!
* Enjoy 

 Ajánlott Gapps:

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2014. július 11., péntek

pure.Kernel-KitKat-r36 AOSP and CM(CAF) /Nexus 4/

KERNEL : Full changelog

suspend: shorten time to enter sleep state
earlysuspend: speedup late resume (faster wakeup of the device)
mmc: decrease wakelock timeout
Added Interactive GPU governor and make default
msm: boards: Enable Krait Retention.
- Add SPM sequences to do Krait retention for 8960,8930
and 8064. Also added a new rpmrs level containing the
latencies and power measurements for this new low power
Linux patch 3.4.94 -> 3.4.98

CM version:

AOSP version:

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2014. június 7., szombat

2014. június 3., kedd

OnePlus One CM11 Theme

OnePlus One CM11 Theme


CyanogenMod 11 OnePlus One Theme

This theme work only New Theme Engine!
Make your CM11 rom with better looks. 
You can use every custom roms witch new theme engine included. (aka, Carbon, Liquid Smooth, PAC, C-Rom, AOKP, Mahdi, Temasek, AICP, crDroid)

• Style
• Wallpapers
• Lock wallpapers
• Fonts
• Icons (140)
• Boot animations

What's Themed:
• Framework-res
• SystemUI
• Settings
• Keyguard
• Launcher3
• Trebuchet


If something doesn't changed, rebooted your phone.

Google Play

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2014. május 21., szerda

MiuiV5 CM11 Theme

MiuiV5 CM11 Theme

CyanogenMod 11 Miui V5 Theme

This theme work only New Theme Engine!
Make your CM11 rom with MIUI looks. 
You can use every custom roms witch new theme engine included.

What's new:
- Added more Miui style icons to Notification panel
- Added orange highlight to navigation bar
- Themed Dialer

• Style
• Wallpapers
• Icons
• Boot animations
• Ringtones
• Notifications
• Alarms

What's Themed:
• Framework-res
• SystemUI
• Settings

If something doesn't changed, go to recovery and make wipe cache and dalvik-cache.

Google Play

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2014. május 14., szerda

Holo White CM11 New Theme Engine

Holo White theme developed for the new Theme Engine from CyanogenMod.
You must have CM11 with a nightly May 8 2014 or later installed that includes the new theme engine UI from CyanogenMod.

This theme is not backwards-compatible to earlier versions of CM's theme engine!
What's Themed/Included
* Framework
* SystemUI
* Settings

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2014. május 7., szerda

pure.Kernel-KitKat-r27 /Nexus 4/

KERNEL : Full changelog

Increasing default readahead values. (128/16›512/32)
Added F2FS support
block: Adding ROW scheduling algorithm
Readded sweep2wake and boot freeze fix
block: row: add magic values. thx franciscofranco
block: Added zen, vr, row and fifo
msm-hotplug: Add basic hotplug driver (1 online cpu core)
Add Intelli-Active: initial coding and introduction!
Add Smartmax governor
Added BADASS governor
Added SMARTASSH3 governor
Added LIONHEART governors
Added LAGFREE governor
Added WHEATLEY governor
Added INTELLIDEMAND governor
intellidemand: add performance lock option
»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» r20
Added and enabled ZRAM/swap/fronswap/zsmalloc/zcache
  • Revert: fmem: add qcache implementation
  • lowmemorykiller: fix GCC-4.7 compiler warning
  • Android ZRAM Optimizations: adapted from Samsung JF series kernel …
  • zram: optimize for Android use …
  • zcache-main: enable zcache by default …
  • msm_ion.c: fix zcache compatibility issues
  • frontswap: support exclusive gets if tmem backend is capable …
  • mm: frontswap: fix a wrong if condition in frontswap_shrink …
  • mm/frontswap: fix uninit'ed variable warning …
  • mm/frontswap: cleanup doc and comment error …
  • mm: frontswap: remove unneeded headers …
  • mm: frontswap: split out function to clear a page out …
  • mm: frontswap: remove unnecessary check during initialization …
  • mm: frontswap: make all branches of if statement in put page consistent …
  • mm: frontswap: split frontswap_shrink further to simplify locking …
  • mm: frontswap: split out __frontswap_unuse_pages …
  • mm: frontswap: split out __frontswap_curr_pages …
  • mm: frontswap: trivial coding convention issues …
  • mm: frontswap: remove casting from function calls through ops structure …
  • zcache-main.c: fix compilation error due to API update …
  • staging/zsmalloc: don't use pgtable-mapping from modules …
  • staging: zsmalloc: Fix link error on ARM …
  • staging: zsmalloc: remove unused pool name …
  • staging: zsmalloc: Fix TLB coherency and build problem …
  • staging: zsmalloc: make CLASS_DELTA relative to PAGE_SIZE …
  • staging: zsmalloc: comment zs_create_pool function …
  • zsmalloc: collapse internal .h into .c …
  • staging: zsmalloc: add page table mapping method …
  • staging: zsmalloc: prevent mappping in interrupt context …
  • staging: zram: show correct disksize …
  • staging: zram: simplify num_devices paramater …
  • staging: zram: fix invalid memory references during disk write …
  • staging: Add angle bracket before and after the URL …
  • staging: zram: handle mem suffixes in disk size zram_sysfs parameter …
  • staging: zram: factor-out zram_decompress_page() function …
  • staging: zram: Fix handling of incompressible pages …
  • staging: zram: correct obsolete comment on max_zpage_size …
  • staging: zcache: fix cleancache race condition with shrinker …
  • staging: zcache: fix spelling of comment …
  • staging: zsmalloc: add mapping modes …
  • staging: zram: conventions, __aligned() attribute …
  • staging: zram: conventions pr_warning -> pr_warn() …
  • staging: zram: remove special handle of uncompressed page …
  • staging: zram: fix random data read …
  • staging: zcache: cleanup the code between tmem_obj_init and tmem_obj_… …
  • staging: zcache: introduce get_zcache_client …
  • staging: zcache: cleanup zcache_do_preload and zcache_put_page …
  • staging: zcache: optimize zcache_do_preload …
  • staging: zcache: cleanup zbud_init …
  • staging: zcache: mark zbud_init/zcache_comp_init as __init …
  • staging: zcache: remove unnecessary config option dependence …
  • staging: zcache: fix a compile warning …
  • staging: zcache: fix refcount leak …
  • staging: zram/zcache: swtich Kconfig dependency from X86 to ZSMALLOC …
  • staging: zcache: don't limit number of pools per client …
  • frontswap: s/put_page/store/g s/get_page/load …
  • mm: frontswap: add frontswap header file …
  • mm: frontswap: config and doc files …
  • mm: frontswap: core frontswap functionality …
  • staging: zsmalloc: add details to zs_map_object boiler plate …
  • staging: zsmalloc: add single-page object fastpath in unmap …
  • staging: zsmalloc: remove x86 dependency …
  • staging: zsmalloc: Finish conversion to a separate module …
  • staging: zsmalloc: fix uninit'ed variable warning …
  • staging: zsmalloc documentation …
  • staging: zsmalloc: zsmalloc: use unsigned long instead of void * …
  • staging: zsmalloc: add/fix function comment …
  • staging: zsmalloc: rename zspage_order with zspage_pages …
  • zsmalloc: use PageFlag macro instead of [set|test]_bit
»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» r22
touch: sync sweep2wake and dt2wake to @showp1984's latest driver
»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» r24
Force fast charge disable by default
Set 192 cpu min freq by default
ksm: check and skip page, if it is already scanned
ASoC: add missing updates from CAF

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» r27

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