2012. augusztus 25., szombat

JellyB-TSM 1st release /Nexus S/

Android 4.1.1 JRO03L source kód
Deodexed, Rooted, Zipalign
Full hardver acceleration
Hardware info in about phone
ADB over Network
Option to change the devices hostname
sync Facebook contacts
set custom carrier label
init.d support
GooManager kompatible

AVRCP (adding new metadata when playing music over bluetooth)

Templates,Custom Vibrations, Timestamp Options 

Continuos focus, Iso Support, Support for red eye reduction, Ability to use the power button to take pictures, HDR

to do nothing/snooze/dismiss, alarm by flipping

option open tab in incognito mode, close all other tabs, unhid the user agent settings

T9 Dialer/Landscape/Dialpad, End call to Home

use the volume buttons to move the cursor

TSM Settings:
Power Menu
Status Bar: 
- Notification counter
- Battery Icon style
- Battery Icon in notification bar
- Miui style battery bar
- Clock style
- Customizable Clock Color
- Clock Am/Pm style
- Clock Day of the Week

Notification bar:
- Notification bar Power Widget

Navigation Bar:
- Customizable navigation button and button glow color
- Menu button visibility and location
- Number of navigation buttons
- Order of navigation buttons
- Navigation bar size
- Navigation bar transparency

- Option to disable vibration on the lockscreen
- Customizable number of lockscreen targets
- Configurable lockscreen wallpaper
- Option to always show lockscreen battery
- Add weather to the lockscreen
- Add calendar reminders to the lockscreen
- Lockscreen before secure unlock
- Ability to unlock with menu
- Quick pin unlock (unlock with pin/password without pressing ok)

Sound Settings:
- Customizable volume panel
- Configurable ascending ringtone
- Safe headset volume
- Volume rocker music controls

Display Settings:
- Customizable Rotation Modes
- Optional landscape lockscreen on phones (Interface -> Display -> Rotation )
- Customizable LED Pulse (Duration and Color)
- Volume wake (tap either the up or down volume key to wake your phone from sleep)
- Volume music controls (long press volume buttons to skip tracks)

- Assign different profiles to change the behavior of your phone to your liking

Quiet Hours:
- The ability to set when notification sounds, haptic feedback, vibration and notification light will function

3.0.36 linux kernel, CPU (OC/UV) support /1200, 1400/, 200MHz GPU/BUS, 60 FPS Screen
Voodoo Sound, BLN, BLD, BLX, TW, Deep Idle, Low power mode CMDHD /wi-fi kártya/
Deadline Schedulers
Governors: Interactive, Conservative, Userspace, Powersave, Ondemond, Performance, interactiveX, Lazy, Lionheart, SmartassV2, Wheatley, Brazilianwax, Intellidemand
Voodoo color
Kernel XZ tömörítés(gyorsabb boot)
NTFS read/write support
Ext2 FS support
Samsung Video Memoria Double Size (Youtube, Kamera fix)
Backport CPUIdle from Linux 3.2.24
Bcmdhd PM_FAST in standby
Backport lowmemorykiller from Linux 3.5
Force AC (Fast) Charging
CRT-off animation fix
ZRAM from Linux 3.2.24 (kevesebb RAM-mal rendelkező készülékekre optimizálva)

A telepítéséhez Full Wipe szükséges!
A ROM nem tartalmazza a Google programokat!


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