2012. november 8., csütörtök

JellyB-TSM 9 /Nexus S/

Base: JellyB-TSM 7th release

Auto hide toggles
Navigation Ring
Long press for Toggles
Long press for Settings
Date click actions on statusbar
Clock click actions on statusbar
Weather panel short/long click actions
Haptic feedback when pressing toggles
Lockscreen change size(if only upgraded setup again)
Theme on lockscreen
Torch fix
Toggles fix
Added LatinIME dictionaries (cs, da, el, fi, hr, hu, iw, ka, nb, nl, pt, ru, sv)
Options to hide Weather Panel
Colorized(Removed all 16bit colors)
Change music player (Apollo)
JB 4.2 Camera & Gallery (Gnex)
Added QuickMessage(SMS Templattes,Timestamps)
Added Stopwatch & Countdown
System speed up
kernel 3.0.43-v0.40.2-TSM+ (Gnex)

---------------------------------------------------------------8th release
Added AROMA installer (Gnex too)
Added Super Wipe Lite
Updeted kernel 3.0.45-v0.44.4-TSM+ (Gnex)
Added Gapps 20121011 (Gnex too)

---------------------------------------------------------------8.5 release
Add option to hide AlarmClock Icon in StatusBar
Fix NPE (softreboot) if WeatherPanel is null
Removed Colorized
Added CMFileManager
Removed FileManager
Bootloop fix

Goo Manager

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