2012. december 12., szerda

JellyB-TSM 12.5 /Galaxy Nexus/

Base: JellyB-TSM 11.5

Fix Camara/Photosphere,sync in gallery/ (only Nexus S)
Fixed in app search option for search button (only Nexus S)
Full theming of mms via theme chooser
Vibrate ringing preferences fix
Apps and Widget Picker fix
Added NFC Polling mode
Quicksettings: add favorite contact tile
Added Power menu option
Added lockscreen widgets /widget, all, unlimited/
Added NavBar widgets
Remove Default GB App Grid
Added IME Switcher
SystemUI: Quicksettings icon/button fix
SystemUI: Quicksettings icon redesign
Samsung STK support
Added Search as NavBar option
Prevent scanning during DHCP process (Wi-Fi power save mode )
Added "Exit to home function" & "landscape mode with sensor" to Phone
Fix FC at Dreams settings
Allow full theming of Contacts via theme chooser
Added Gapps 20121130 /4.2.1/ (Nexus S)
Zipalign Gapps apk's (Nexus S)
Added AROMA (Nexus S too)

Gapps not included!


Goo Manager

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