2013. július 5., péntek

mako-TSM-kernel #13 /Nexus 4/

mako-TSM-jb-kernel #13

Stabil, gyors...

ARM: sched_clock optimization
msm: kgsl: Process all idle checks
msm:subsystem_restart: Enable download mode
msm: kgsl: Bump up the GPU frequency for long batch processing
Add a simple GPU governor for Adreno xxx GPU series
lowmemorykiller optimization
sched: re-calculate a cpu's next_balance point upon sched domain changes
sched: Make sure to not re-read variables after validation
Added Snake Charmer support
Added CPU OC: 1620, 1728, 1836
Added screen Control profiles (32)

162/1512 GHz CPU
mpdecision OFF
Intelliplug ON
Interactive CPU governor
Simple GPU governor
GPU clock 400 MHz
GPU V-Sync Toggle ON
I/O Scheduler: row, 768
Sweep2wake ON, horizontal
Vibration Control 70%
Screen Control Google Stock profile
Dynamic File Sync ON
USB Fast Charge ON

 TCP Congestion Control: westwood

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