2012. március 7., szerda

UPDATE_provisionNS-TSM-9-20120307 /Nexus S/

Kernel: T11-NS-ICS_CM9_22022012
(1100MHz CPU And 220MHz GPU/BUS clock with BLN, BLD, Voodoo Sound, includes KSM (This kernel is recommended for CM9).
Theme Bxo (TSF Shell Theme)
magyar gps file

CM9 20120305 NIGHTLY
Removal of BUILD_ID (android_device_samsung_crespo)
exynos4: added getphys stub for samsung omx plugins (android_hardware_libhardware)
tether down: mTetherInterfaceName vs mInterfaceName mismatch (android_frameworks_base)
exynos4: getphys implementation on buffermanager for samsung omx (android_frameworks_base)
Add more CDMA SamsungRIL fixes. (android_frameworks_base)
samsung: added support for proprietary omx codecs (android_frameworks_base)
Fix Javadoc fail that broke the build (android_frameworks_base)
Revert "Don't believe the PV decoder's lies..." (android_frameworks_base)
Sound Settings - Quiet Hours (Part 1 of 2) (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Sound Settings - Quiet Hours (Part 2 of 2) (android_frameworks_base)
Add @hide to new fields/methods (android_frameworks_base)
policy: don't lock users out if they wipe their fingerprint database (android_frameworks_base)



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