2013. október 17., csütörtök

crDroid-TSM 1.42 /Nexus 4/

Based on crDroid-TSM 1.41
Updated CM version 10.2-20131016-mako
Updated crDroid version Build 25
Added icons in Settings
Settings Menu reorganized
Changed kernel (based on Yandi v02)

 - Added CPU Governor: Ondemond, Performance, Simple, Interactive
Fix for SystemUI FC's when toggling UI inverted mode
Added latest SU bineary
Make applying gamma less laggy

CyanogenMOD 10.2
crDroid AOSP

  • App ops (Google security management);
  • SELinux security by CyanogenMod;
  • Privacy Guard + Privacy Guard manager by CyanogenMod;
  • Per-user configuration by CyanogenMod;
  • Normal or Center Clock Mod with possibility to change color;
  • Custom Data formats in Status (day, month and year);
  • Battery Bar. You can choose to be shown in Status Bar or under Navigation Bar and plus choose thickness, different colors and charging animation;
  • Circle Battery with 4 different types of charging speeds and possibility of color customization (battery icon and percentage text);
  • Turn screen on when plug/unplug the USB cable as an option in settings;
  • Reboot Menu Enable by default;
  • Brightness control sliding through status bar;
  • Custom Carrier Label;
  • Enable Dual Panel in Settings (Needs Reboot);
  • crDroid Version Build in Settings;
  • Status Bar Transparency and Custom Colors;
  • Status bar network speed indicator with option to custom colors;
  • Option to auto hide network speed indicator when there is no traffic;
  • Status bar quick peek;
  • Notification drawer + Notification row Transparency, custom Colors and custom image;
  • Navigation Bar Height, Width and Width in Landscape. Also Transparency and Custom Colors; -> Read Here!!!
  • Notification Behavior (Normal, Always Expanded, Never Expanded and Old Style);
  • Low Battery Warning (Pop-up and sound, Notification and sound, Pop-up dialog only, Notification only, Sound only, Disable);
  • Active display by ChameleonOS;
  • Appbar from ChameleonOS;
  • Lockscreen based on gestures from ChameleonOS;
  • HALO 2.0 by ParanoidAndroid;
  • BlackUI (Black Droid), TRDS from Slim Roms;
  • LCD density changer;
  • LCD density backup in crDroid installations;
  • Option to enable notifications light even with screen on; *
  • Option to enable Brightness Slider in Expanded Status Bar;
  • Reboot / Reboot Recovery Quick settings tile;
  • Camera Tile;
  • Option to enable lock screen rotation;
  • Option to hide status bar (Off, Non-permanent only and All notifications);
  • Quick settings pulldown (Off, Non-permanent only and All notifications);
  • More information on reboot messages;
  • RAM bar;
  • Recent Apps Clear All Button Location (bottom right or left);
  • NFC polling mode;
  • Disable fullscreen keyboard;
  • Screenshot quick trash;
  • Permission management;
  • Open tiles in floating window;
  • QS tile fast charge;
  • Powerwidget toggle fast charge;
  • Speed up statusbar / notification drawer;
  • Alternate default app picker;
  • Customizable lockscreen (color fill with transparency slide, custom image with transparency slide, full transparent, default wallpaper);
  • Floating window from notification drawer (Long press);
  • Option to show Wifi name in notification drawer;
  • Option to flip tiles in simple press;
  • Listview Animation;
  • Listview Interpolator;
  • SlimRoms Nav bar with all customizations inside (port still in WIP);
  • SlimRoms PIE with all customizations inside (port still in WIP);
  • Expanded desktop mode with 4 options (off, hide status bar, hide nav bar, hide status and nav bar) ;
  • Tiles per row (3, 4 or 5);
  • Tiles background custom color;
  • Tiles pressed custom colors;
  • Tiles auto duplicate in landscape mode;
  • Less notification sound;
  • AOKP custom system animations;
  • Hide initial page hints in lockscreen;
  • Allow homescreen widgets on the lockscreen;
  • Notification drawer shortcuts (app, activity, direct call and many more);
  • Media scanner behavior on boot;
  • Implement a pin keypad shuffler;

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