2013. október 11., péntek

Yandi.v01-CAF-kernel /Nexus 4/

Base on CAF CM sources
Linux source 3.4.65 compiled with Linaro Toolchain
O3 support with custom build flags
msm_hotplug hotplug driver
auto_hotplug: rev 4 
arm: mako_hotplug: Import from franco kernel
dyn fsync off
Faux Sound Control
Faux Speaker Amp Control
LCD Color Pprofiles
Custom Voltage Control Interface
Force USB Fast Charging
Init.d support
FSYNC on/off
Advanced Gamma Control
Vibrator Strength
Sweep2Wake and Sweep2Lock
msm_otg: hack to allow externally powered usb host mode
Governor tweaks
Touch Boost (thx francisco franco)
Thermal revised
Krait retention
Led Control
Multicore Power Saving
Factory 100mv UV
192 Mhz frequency for better battery when idle
Screen Off Freq. limited to 702 (saves some battery)
Many, many additions under the hood

CPU freq table
- 192, 384, 702, 1026, 1242, 1350, 1512
GPU freq table
- 27, 128, 200, 320,- 400
CPU governor table
- Ondemond, Intellimand, Interactive, Conservative, Wheatley, Performance
I/O Scheduler table
- Cfq, Deadline, Row, Noop
TCP Control
- Westwood, Reno, Bic, Cubic, Htcp


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