2014. április 27., vasárnap

v5.Kernel MiuiTSM r26 /Nexus 4/

KERNEL : Changelog

* r26: 
mipi_lgit: Check for panel off at shutdown
Support for faux123 gamma control
LG Mako gamma control - add mirror interface while leaving
Gamma Control - added refresh_screen sysfs attribute
cpufreq: break earlier if target_freq is equal to current freq. Also …
config: Enable RCU_BOOST
Set 192mhz min freq…
msm: acpuclock-8064: Higher mV to 702 MHz (for SLOW cpu type)
Deactivate some unused Frequenci…
Revert "Added fsync on/off support."
fs/dyn_sync_cntrl: Linux 3.4 Kernel compatibility fixup
fs/dyn_fsync: check dyn fsync control's active prior to performing fsync ops
dynamic filesync: add some cache optimizations
dynamic filesync: update 1.2 version
ARM: proc: Add Krait proc info
sched: Create sched_select_non_idle_cpu() to give preferred CPU for power saving
ASoC: add missing updates from CAF
PM: Introduce suspend state PM_SUSPEND_FREEZE ()
* Ramdisk Features: 
Miui support
 Optimized EXT4 mount flags
Optimized Debug messages
Optimized Systemui Renice (-17)
Lmk withelist for common launcher (no redraw)
set to 1 by default at boot
Init.d Script for tuning Scheduler

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