2014. május 4., vasárnap

eXtremeTSM_2014-05-02 /Nexus 4/

eXtremeTSM is fast, stable and eXtremly fluid!

Customizeable Autobrightness
Expandable Volumepanel
Optimized Dalvik and Art !!!
Optimized Bionic,Libcore and System/Core
Enhanced Launcher and Keyboard
Pauseable,resumable and Stopable Downloads
Extended Battery Icon Options
You can now select different battery icon for statusbar and quicksettings tile
Additionally for statusbar you can now select "Percent Only" and "Hide"
Special for battery icon with percent you additionally have now
Show charging bold (default)
Show battery warning (default)
Show 100 Percent (not default)
Omni Switch omnirom.org/features/easily-switch-apps-omniswitch/
Added option to choose OmniSwitch as Recent
Latest Andreno drivers
Customizable clock and date
Lockscreen maximized widgets
Custom Navring Targets
Notification Reminders
Add Double Tap to Sleep PA Style
Add Battery Symbol PA style
Quickpulldown PA Style
Immersive Mode
Volume Rocker Music Control
Blacklist support
SuperSU only in eXtreme settings
Lockscreen: See through
Lockscreen Notifications
Increasing Ringtone
Configureable Pulldown Notification for QuickSettings
Safe headset volume warning
Added extended customizeable powermenu
Navigationbar Height Customization
Less notification sounds
Battery Light
Pulse Notification Light
Telephony: Combine LTE & 2G/3G Tiles
Dialer lookup
Increasing Ringtone
Google dialer (Nearby Places)
Notification Privacy mode
Notification Quick Reply
Notification dark theme
Notification unicode, timestamps
Split sms
Hide SuperSu from Launcher/Drawer
Dont show "Erase SD Card" when there is none
Show application's package name in the "App info" screen.
Add fastscroll to the Manage applications screen
Full kitkat's ui
Settings: correct 0.75 animation scale
stock kernel
and so on….
Settings:hold back to kill app
Make QuickUnlock an option
eXtreme menu reordered some tuff
Connect/disconnect notification


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