2013. január 7., hétfő

JellyB-TSM 14 /Nexus S/

Több kép

Base: JellyB-TSM 13

Added Statusbar brightness slider
more I/O to use Threads
Changed quick_settings icon
change default bluetooth connect and headphones connect modes
Added internal su queue; add fcharge state changer receiver
Fix Recents for MultiUser
Allow user-installed apps to be disabled and force stop when disablin
Added LatinIME dict (ka, bg, iw, el, cs, nl, hu, fi, sv, hr, nb, pt, ru, da, en)
LatinIME: gesture_input_enabled by default
Added lockscreen custom background
Add CM Lock Clock
Added fastsroll to the manage application screen so you don't need to…
keyguard: fix SIM PIN/PUK view for 320dp devices
Add custom circle battery options
Add option to hide AlarmClock Icon in StatusBar
Fix power menu
Fix lock screen targets
CMFileManager updated
Added transparent statusbar & navbar
Gapps updated 121212 (Nexus S)
Updated CWM (Gnex)
Updated recovery-TSM-TWRP (Gnex)

Gapps not included!

Goo Manager
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