2013. január 20., vasárnap

JellyB-TSM 15 /Nexus S/

Több kép

Base: JellyB-TSM 14

TSM Settings java rewrited
Lockscreen: add missing import to fix building
Lockscreen : Hide clock for Chronus/DeskClock
Lockscreen: fix hiding of initial page hints for landscape
Some awkward changes
SystemUI: more compatibility with themes
Quick Settings: Swipe to switch
Fix screen hop had a few things messed up from roman's transparency
enable market restore
Fix custom bootanimation
LED: fix exception when choosing app
Update default values for nav bar reset
QuickSettings: fix vibrate and silence toggle not updating
SystemUI: respect statusbar background for themes
Mms: add new QuickReply function
Added mms translations (cs, da, hu, ja, zh)
Fix FastCharge toggle in Statusbar
CMFileManager updated

Goo Manager
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