2013. január 30., szerda

JellyB-TSM 16 /Galaxy Nexus/

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Base: JellyB-TSM 15

 - Add Call statistics to Contacts (Phone)
 - Updated T9 string to Dialer (cs, da, ja, zh)
 - Stop background Thread in Phone app
 - Add Russian T9 Buttons
 - Fix dialpad image for korean.
 - Fix Hebrew Numeber4 Image
Add chipset info to hardware info
Hide Adb Notification icon (settings)
New custom bootanimation code
Added GB style alternate Signal Layout
Added fast toggle preference
SystemUI: simpler RAM bar implementation
QuickSettings: enable theming of user label
Rewrite Status Bar & Nav Bar Transparency
Changed default statusbar & navbar background color
SystemUI: fix GPS toggle not changing states properly
Don't wake the screen for media playback KeyEvents
SystemUI: HSPA+ Support
Services: Adding HSPAP
Show H+/4G for HSPAP
Telephony: Add LTE all variant
CMFileManager updated
Apollo updated
Remove LockClock
 - Longpress on minimized challenge to unlock
 - Start lockscreen with minimized challenge
 - Option to hide initial page hints
 - Optional to use Carousel animation
Remove TSM Settings
Added navbar menu arrow keys
redefine Long press back to kill
SystemUI: show date on 2 lines in status bar
Remove FastCharge toggle
Allow User select Tablet Mode (Phone, Tablet, Phablet)
Added Gapps 20121212 (Gnex & Nexus 7)
Updated Nexus S kernel (marmite v7.3 CM)
Added AROMA installer (Nexus 7)

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